Matt's Music Box presents a library of unique and diverse musical textures to enhance your visual project. We provide licensable music for websites, film, radio, tv, documentaries, slideshows, presentations, games, dvds, mobile devices, public space diffusions, video art, art installations, webepisodes, and more.

Matt’s Music Box is the library of cleared and licensable music created by Matt Kjeldsen. Matt’s Music Box is the licensing arm of Raging Fyre Music Publishing. Knotrilly Records and Raging Fyre Music Publishing exclusively represent the business interests of artist and composer, Matt Kjeldsen.

The main focus of Knotrilly Records is the sale and distribution of sound recordings. The soul focus of Raging Fyre Music Publishing is the licensing and administration of the copyrighted compositions of Matt Kjeldsen.

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A Lite Pumping Sneak - found in Tension/Soundscape genre

Cold and Opaque Investigation - found in Tension/Soundscape genre

Creepy Undertones no rhythm - found in Motion Picture Soundtrack genre

The Wonder in the Darkness - found in Tension/Soundscape genre